Sometimes you may have a bit of extra time or you are looking to save some money. Luckily our team of experts pulled together this list to help you avoid mistakes when undertaking your next DIY painting project in your home. Read through the list and learn a new tip or two that will help you avoid mishaps.

Incorrect Protection of Furniture

If possible, you should stack your furniture in the middle of the room and cover it with paint-proof dust sheets or plastic film, the former being reusable. Your flooring should also always be well protected by plastic rolls or masking tape.

Removing Smaller Items

You would be surprised how often small things break, become dirty, dusty, covered in paint and can even cause you injury by tripping you up. Take out all the small things from rooms. It may seem obvious, but you will be surprised.

Opening Cracks

Sometimes whilst decorating you may find small cracks and blemishes in your wall. In order to fix these you will need to gouge out a small channel before filling. This is essential for maintaining the look of your home and walls because if you don’t do this, the crack will return in no time, meaning all your hard work will go to waste.

Small Roller

When it comes to smaller surfaces, use a smaller paint roller measuring about 4 inches wide. You may think that you will get the job finished quicker using a larger roller but in fact a smaller one will be in fact quicker and neater.

Using the Wrong Kind of Paint

When painted wooden surfaces or furniture, we find that most home decorators use the completely wrong type of paint. For example, using solvent based paint for white woodwork is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid. Oil based or solvent based white paint will yellow over time, plus they are more polluting and harmful to the environment. Use high quality water based paints instead as you will get a much longer lasting finish.

Obviously an alternative to decorating yourself is to hire a team of professional decorators.

Top 5 Mistakes Made by DIY Decorators

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